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Pathfinder Companion: Gnomes of Golarion

Pathfinder Companion: Gnomes of Golarion

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    Know Your Gnomes! Exiled from the mysterious fey realm of the First World, gnomes are fundamentally alien to Golarion. Endlessly excitable, gnomes amuse and terrify other races with their strange obsessions and unconventional methods. Their childlike wonderand sometimes innocent crueltyare two sides of the same coin, and every coin the gnomes have is spent in pursuit of adventure, whether they like it or not. For the gnomes have a dark secret: should they ever stop seeking out new experiences, they fall prey to the Bleaching, a wasting disease that slowly sucks away their hold on the world, leaving them nothing but bones and dust. Inside this Pathfinder Companion, youll find the following: Details on the gnomes of Golarionhow they live, who they worship, their relations with other races, their strange obsessions, and more History and folklore of the gnome race Map and descriptions of the major gnome settlements New traits designed exclusively for gnome characters Rules for the Wonderseekers, a new faction dedicated to fending off the Bleaching Statistics for the Bleaching, as well as for those strange creatures known as bleachlings Bizarre new gnome weapons, spells, and feats.
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