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Pathfinder Companion: Andoran, Spirit of Liberty

Pathfinder Companion: Andoran, Spirit of Liberty

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    Unwilling to bend a knee to the devil-worshipers of Cheliax, the people of Andoran declared themselves a free country where all men and women had the right to choose their own rulers. Unique among the lands of Golarion, Andoran is a representative democracy foreign nobles declare it a doomed experiment, yet simultaneously fear that the power of its philosophy may cause peasant uprisings in their own lands. True Andorens believe in self-determination at all costs, and hate slavery with a passion, even going so far as to send their glorious Eagle Knights on dangerous missions to undermine the slave trade in other lands and spread far and wide the call of freedom. Inside this Pathfinder Companion youll find: Details on the people of Andoranhow they live, how they govern, their relationships with neighboring countries and former nobles, their spiritual outlook, and their deep national connection with birds of prey The Steel Falcon prestige class, representing the branch of the Eagle Knights devoted to battling slavery An in-depth history of Andoran, from humble beginnings as a logging territory to the current glorious Republic Descriptions of the major and minor cities of Andoran Potent new magic items and spells New traits to customize Andoren characters.
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