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Munchkin Bookmark Collection

Munchkin Bookmark Collection

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  • Description

    Munchkin Bookmark Collection contains twelve Munchkin bookmarks, ten of which have been previously released individually as Munchkin Promotional Bookmarks and two that are unique to this product ("Reset Buttoning" and "Retroactive Continuity", which will not be given out as promotional items). Each bookmark provides a unique in-game action. The bookmarks included in the Munchkin Bookmark Collection are:

    • The Official Munchkin Apocalypse Bookmark of Re-Sealing!
    • The Official Munchkin Bookmark of BRAAAAAAAAINS!
    • The Official Munchkin Bookmark of Buried Treasure
    • The Official Munchkin Bookmark of Cavalry Charges!
    • The Official Munchkin Bookmark of Reset Buttoning
    • The Official Munchkin Bookmark of Retroactive Continuity!
    • The Official Munchkin Booty Bookmark of Shipshape Sailing
    • The Official Munchkin Cheesy Promotional Bookmark of Power
    • The Official Munchkin Conan Bookmark of Barbaric Bludgeoning!
    • The Official Munchkin Zombies Bookmark of Shelter Skelter
    • The Official Star Munchkin Bookmark of Blatant Cheating
    • The Official Super Munchkin Winged Helmet of Swiftness Bookmark
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