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War of the Spark Prerelease - Tour of What's Left of Ravnica (All 6 Events!)

War of the Spark Prerelease - Tour of What's Left of Ravnica (All 6 Events!)

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This guarantees entry into ALL 6 EVENTS in our War of the Spark Weekend! Which. means you're getting 6 Prerelease kits. But that's not all!

Participants in our Tour of the Rest of Ravnica will receive:

1 Prerelease pack for each event (6 total Prerelease packs)

1 Deck Box (to house your cards!)

1 Pack of 50 Sleeves (to protect your cards!)

1 Custom Playmat (Limited Edition) (to play on with your cards!)

1 Drink and 1 Snack (to give you the strength to carry your cards!)

And in addition, we will provide food for each participant on Sunday at 5pm!

But that's the up front swag!

Complete the entire weekend's events (without leaving or dropping) and you will also receive 10.00 in Store Credit AND your picture immortalized in a photo with the owner or employee of your choice!

Prerelease packs for War of the Spark contain:

• 6 War of the Spark booster packs
• 1 Insert
• 1 Foil Stamped Premium Planeswalker
• 1 Foil Stamped Premium Card
• 1 Spindown life counter

All tournament flights are 4 rounds of Swiss

Entry Fee:
$22 prereg/person
$26 in store/person

Single person events:
4-0: 8 packs
3-0-1: 5 packs
3-1: 3 packs
2-1-1: 1 pack
2-2: 1 pack

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